About The Hobbyjogger Project

Founded in 2016, The HJP was a group of elite high school distance runners who chose to expand their team beyond their respective schools. 

Since then, the project has only grown with the amazing athletes that choose to support it and represent the HJP across the country.

We've had some downtime, but the project is back in full force, and we are excited to be joined by the next generation of runners.

What is a Hobbyjogger?

A hobbyjogger is someone who runs recreationally. So, let's be real, most of us are hobbyjoggers. There's a couple of us that get to sign with Nike and make a career out of running, and a few more who might get a sponsor to cover shoes and race costs, but most of us do it on our own time and with our own money. It's a hobby, and we jog; we're hobbyjoggers. Okay, most of us would call ourselves runners, but "hobbyrunners" just doesn't sound that great. 

What is The Hobbyjogger Project?

The Hobbyjogger Project was born out of a desire to connect with other runners back when we were in high school. We all got the same t-shirt and jerseys and even if we didn't all know each other we knew if someone had a Hobbyjogger t-shirt we had a friend. As we've gotten older and busier, we've had less time to put towards running and have become more traditional ”hobbyjoggers,” but we still want to race and compete.

What does The Hobbyjogger Project do?

We want to help build a community for runners who don't have time to treat running like a job (although the pros are also welcome). We want to make running competitively accessible to people who aren't on a high school, college, or pro team anymore. And we want to help people run in style.